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What is MIXhalo?

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Plus VIP Questions:

  1. Download the MIXhalo app right now! That way you’ll be ready to use it when you arrive at the venue.
    • Currently MIXhalo is only supported on iOS devices.
  2. Once you arrive at the venue and enter a MIXhalo-supported listening area, connect to the MIXhalo wifi.
    • As MIXhalo is a wifi-based offering, you will need to join the MIXhalo wifi, which will be available at designated VIP locations. More information about the precise listening locations is coming soon.
  3. Plug in your favorite earbuds.
    • On stage, artists wear in-ear monitors that isolate the sound and deliver a crystal-clear mix right to their ears. To access that same experience, you will need *wired* earbuds that do a good job of isolating sound. Not all earbuds are created equal, be sure to bring your best pair
    • The bluetooth technology required by wireless earpieces is too slow for the MIXhalo system; it causes latency and will disrupt your experience.
    • If you forget your earbuds, borrow a set from MIXhalo staff.
  4. Open the MIXhalo app and press play.
    • Enjoy high fidelity audio straight to your ears!
    • Adjust the volume level to suit your comfort.

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General Questions

At a normal show, live audio generated by the band is sent to a soundboard. The front of house engineer tweaks the sound to ensure that it matches the artists vision for the song and then sends it to the PA (the big speakers hanging from the ceiling). MIXhalo takes that same audio and broadcasts it over WiFi instead, ensuring that you get the best quality audio directly to your ears using only headphones and your iPhone.

Because we believe that fans deserve better sound. Because we are passionate music lovers who want fans to connect to their favorite artists in the most intimate way. PA systems still have to send audio over the air to your ear. Once audio leaves a speaker, it immediately starts to degrade. MIXhalo solves this loss of quality by using modern WiFi technology and proprietary real-time audio engineering to ensure that you see and hear every moment, the second that it happens, in perfect clarity.
MIXhalo is available in the App Store, click here to download the app now! MIXhalo will be available in designated VIP areas, more info on exact listening locations is coming soon.
Make sure that you are connected to the MIXhalo WiFi network and have wired headphones plugged into your iOS device. If you are still having trouble with the audio, move closer to the coverage area. If you are near the coverage area and things are still not ideal, a MIXhalo team member will be happy to assist you.

At this time, MIXhalo is only available to Plus VIPs in designated VIP listening areas.

The MIXhalo app is free to download and use but requires specific WiFi coverage. If you are an artist or a venue that would like to host a MIXhalo enabled event, please reach out to
At this time, we are not planning on supporting MIXhalo on Android for a while due to the technical complexity. If you have an iPod touch on the latest Apple software release, it will support MIXhalo.
MIXhalo is real-time meaning that you see what is happening on stage and hear it at the same time. Bluetooth and wireless headsets introduce enough latency that the events on stage and the audio in your ear will be out of sync. We are working hard to bring bluetooth and wireless headset support.
The best wired headphones are the ones that seal in your ear. Check out urBeats by Dr.Dre or JVC Marshmallows to see good examples at different price points. Active noise cancellation is not recommended as it is not designed for the live music use case.
We are a highly motivated team of 12 superstars that span 4 different timezones. At this time, we have no open recs but we are always looking for passionate people who want to do big things. Shoot your resume and a brief tidbit about yourself to